My easy and affordable skin care routine with Indrani Cosmetics..

Clear skin on vacation has always been my dream.
Whenever I travel I come back with tan lines and dull skin.
I feel travelling places is like travelling weathers.
I came across some products by Indrani cosmetics which are easy to carry and very affordable.

Indrani cosmetics is an Indian brand which offers premium skin care products for reasonable price.
They have not only saved my skin when I was travelling but also saved the space in my bag too.

So my travel bag consists of these 4 products by them:

Indrani Premium Shampoo

This is a mild clear shampoo which removes dirt completely off your hair without even trying them and leaving them soft and non frizzy.
This leaves a mild aquatic fragrance on your hair.

Indrani Shower Gel

Soaps make my skin extra dry so I always had to hunt for a shower gel which will cleanse my skin as well as moisturize it.
The shower gel from Indrani Cosmetics has always been my favourite when I travel as it is very easy to carry.
This has a very calming fragrance of aloevera.
The aloe Vera essence helps reducing perspiration and keeps you refreshed throughout the day.

Pearl Cream

This cream can be used as revitalizing day cream and also as a restoring night cream. This cream nourishes the skin without making it oily.
You can feel the baby soft skin in the morning if you use it as a night cream.

The last and the best product I have I have from them is their Facial Kit.

They have multiple options for the facial kits according to the skin types. I used the Spa facial kit from their facial kit range and it made my skin beautiful.

We tend to ignore the after effects of the vacation on our skin.
Indrani cosmetics has come to the rescue with their facial kits. You can use this while you are on a vacation or if you are going for a wedding in a different city and do not wish to risk going to an unknown parlour.

These were my favourite products from them and you can buy them here :

Please let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products and I would love to hear about your experiences.

Much Love


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